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Praise and a Little Help - Please!

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by Keeper, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Keeper


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    Hello Everyone,

    I've finally got round to having a look at the eBook creator and 'having a go with it' (I am actually off sick from work!) and I have to say to all the complainers it is EASY. I have already created a 3D Spiral Notebook image and it is rotating on one of my websites - excellent. I have not published it to the web though 'cause I haven't actually got the eBook to go with it yet!

    My one query is can I hyperlink the flash image? I have a working knowledge of Flash and I understand to do this I need the fla. file so I am guessing that to link my fine rotatiing notebook to the eBook I am going to create I'll have to create a text link underneath the image. I only have the created swf file so unless I am being really dozy I can't don't exactly what I want unless I use a static image. Shame if I am right, it would have been cool to be able to click on the rotating notebook or whatever and be taken to the eBook.

    As usual folks, help me out if I am wrong!

    (the 'REAL' Dave S) : O-Yeah:
  2. Borpean

    Borpean Staff Member

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    Keeper me 'ol lad.

    I have a new computer and have yet to install Flash on it. So at the top of my head, I forget how to link an image to another. It can be done. You should have the rotating image be a link to the eBook. Some how you make that image like you would a text image and link it. Again, sorry for this tease. but the good news is, that you can :)

    One of these days I want to visit the true White Hart and visit Hoofy!
    Feel better.

    The Replica

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