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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by JonScott, Sep 19, 2004.

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    I have attempted to send three PM's--two to Marc and one to another person. Although the system says I have "x" number of messages out of 40 done, none of them have gone out to the intended recipients. I know this because I ended up calling Marc and talking to him about some problems I was having with the program; he said he had not received either of the PM's I sent him--I have not heard back from the other person I sent a PM to.
    I am using an iMac 17" flat panel, 800mhz with 1GB RAM. I'm using Mac OSX 10.2.8.
    Is the PM system only available to people using PC's? How can I use it? Is it best used under IE, or Netscape(two-thirds of the animated icons are unavailable in Netscape), or the Mozilla suite I am using most of the time now?
    I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have. I would also suggest that instructions for using the PM system be put into the tutorial section of the forum for first-time users. For example, whenever I try to set a font, a window appears asking for the "text to be formatted." The same with size and color. Do you type the complete message, highlight some text, and_then_ finally set the font, size, and color?
    I enjoy using the program, and would like to know how best to make use of this system.
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    JonScott, check that in your profile sure that you have checked the box so you can send and recieve PM's. For PM's to go thru they must have a title and it will also ask you about confirming read reciepts...if you tell it no the PM is not sent.

    As for changing font,making it bold or color change that usually is used just for effect and not an entire message or post.You would type that portion in and not highlight it.
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    The easiest way to manipulate the text that you are posting
    in the forum is to basically type it all out. Now use your
    cursor to highlight the portion(s) of text you wish to manipulate
    and apply whatever text effect you wish to accomplish.
    Example: changing the font

    Type in "I want to test this!" (without quotations)

    Now highlight the sentence and go up and choose your font of choice.
    On the backside of the forum, it will automatically apply the appropriate
    tags to encase your text in the font of choice. If you do not have any
    text highlighted, it will bring up a box for you to enter text into and it
    will then append that text to the end of where your cursor last was in
    the text input screen.

    All the text functions pretty much work the same way so it should be
    fairly easy to figure the rest out.

    As far as your PMs go, I can tell you that it works fine for me using
    the Firefox browser on a PC. If you want to send a PM to me to test feel free to do so. Also, you might check your profile settings...and also sellect to recieve a "read receipt". That way you at least know when it gets read by the person you sent to.
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