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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by michelle, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. michelle


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    hi, first i would like to introduce myself
    im michelle, im new in here :)
    and really glad to meet you guys here...
    i'll get right to the stuff,
    i have several questions about flash,

    here is my story,
    what im working now is to make a flash header on my upcoming website, using The Flash Ad Creator, which has its own templates with 460wx80h size..
    and now time for stupid question,

    how to change the size?
    cause the header of my site would be 600wx150h
    and here come more silly one,
    how to put this file on my site?
    i know how to put image, but it doesnt work with flash...
    and is it only the .swf file, or with the whole folders
    im going to bang my head for those questions :(

    hopefully someone would be passion enough explain to me,
    im willing to learn anything...
    thanks in advance...

    i wish i wasn't asking too much on my first post :(
  2. KD-did


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    You are welcomed to ask as many questions as needed.: O-Yeah: I am unaware of any way to resize the flash ads in FAC currently,however, you maybe able to use a screen shot program with editing capabilities to resize.

    A search will show a couple of post how to get it up on site.
  3. cybrnetico

    cybrnetico Staff Member

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    I have not tried resizing an ad before, but in your html you will see dimensions for SWF file. Trying fitting your required dimensions and see if the ad scaled properly.

    Let us know :)
  4. Chris

    Chris Staff Member

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    Just do as cybrnetico mentioned. You just go into the html code and where it has the size of the ad you just change it to the size you want. Now granted sometimes you can loose quality but not allot.

    That will do the size of the ad for you.

    How to put files on my site:

    You will have to upload all files that you created when you saved the flash ad to your hard drive. You will upload the .swf file to the same directory as the index.html file on your host. Then you create a new folder and name it the same EXACT name that your assets folder is on your hard drive. Make sure this new folder is in the same directory as the index.html also. Next you upload all your assets files into the new assets folder you just made. That should do it.

    Any other questions let me know.

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