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Would you like to see a section in the forum for taglines or slogans?

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  1. Yes, that would be helpful.

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  2. No, it is not nessesary.

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  3. I have no opinion one way or another.

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  1. Just Bill

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    Bacon & eggs

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    Often when looking for answers we overlook the obvious.
    Right before our eyes in the previous thread, Topcatz struck a cord.

    The obvious complement to Logo Creation is Slogan Writing. Though Logo Creators
    are exceptionally artistic and creative, very few if any possess the copy writing skills
    and off the wall word connecters to tie a business idea to a logo design.

    This forum is the perfect arena for marriage of the two skills.

    The questions are…….

    How do we reach slogan writers?

    How do we get them to frequent our forum?

    How do we get them involved?

    What’s in it for them and what’s in it for our designers?

    Is this just another dumb idea or are we on to something worthy of pursuit?
  2. KD-did

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    Let's take a vote to see if our members would find it useful to have an addition to the forum for getting help or requesting a tag line or slogan.

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