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    PC warning Fake Microsoft update is a Trojan horse

    Fake Microsoft Security Trojan on the Loose, Antivirus Firm Says

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    One Step Ahead

    The scam artistes on the internet are getting routinely clever. I get emails all the time from persons asking me to update my details. Ofcourse I am not an American so ignnoring it is easy. I see how some persons can be taken by these scammers. They are very careful now not to have typos and all the links point to the legitimate company tthey are trying to misrepresent.

    I tak time to read the email headers and a lot of them after being traced come from easter europe. I traced one guy to Bucharest. The point is we have to be careful if you are unsure about an email email the company or telephone the company.

    Above all else remember be careful of those emails that ask you to delete certain windows components these just help create backdoore for those louses to get in even though you have a firewall.

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