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Page Header Design Help

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by Sparkie2260, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Sparkie2260


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    Please Help! I was able to create a logo ok for my website but I'm having trouble knowing where to start with designing a page header to place next to my logo. I want to create something simple with a white background to match the logo and span accross the rest of the page. Everything looks way to fancy and busy for headers. Can anyone please give me any advice...or is their a header tutorial. If it helps you can look at my website: Brand-Names-4Less.com and see the logo and the area next to it where Id like to place a header(white background to match logo) The info you see on the yellow background is the Info I'll be displaying on the new header. Thanks for any help.
  2. KD-did


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  3. homesight

    homesight <img src="images/ranks/mod.png" />

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    this is the line that you need to edit in the index page, or main page of your site...

    <TD HEIGHT=71 COLSPAN=2 STYLE="padding-left:0px" VALIGN="middle" BACKGROUND="/Images/Template7/topbg2.gif">

    topbg2.gif is a repeating images, if you look in the images/template7 folder on your server, you should see this file... simply make a new image, say 775 wide x 100 length, and replace the above with this

    <TD HEIGHT=100 COLSPAN=2 STYLE="padding-left:0px" VALIGN="middle" BACKGROUND="/Images/Template7/topbg2.gif" height="100" width="775">

    then save your image as topbg2.gif and drop it into the /template7 folder, overwriting the original... this should work fine...

    PS. Add your logo to the new header and import as one file... you don't need 2 seperate files... I like the look of the site btw.

  4. Lamo1graphic


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    well i would change from white to the yellow thats in the background and lay your image in with some back shadow, change your font colour from black to a mid Grey
    instead of a green orb i would you`se a off yellow orb to match the header main body colour with back shadow on it the verbiage to the right i would do in black and change the font

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