Our Team's Logo - "Blackout"

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator Gallery' started by sirbargearse, May 23, 2005.

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    Hey all. Just thought I'd throw my first effort up here on the forums. It's a logo being used now for some time for our Indoor Cricket team. You can see it at www.blackouthouse.com. We couldn't use it for our uniform as the design is too complex for screen printing. The guys on the team were stoked though with the result! You can view a slightly larger version of it here being used on our site:


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    Nice design, but as you said to complex for screen printing. Lots of logos look good when they are big & bright in front of you on your screen, but when you reduce them down to logo size lots of colors merge and become difuse, which has happened here,you have some text in white at the top of your logo which I cannot read. this is a point when making a logo to take into consideration.

    But as I said I like the design and you have talent well done.

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