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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator Gallery' started by daredd, Oct 21, 2006.

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    Older sites created with The Logo Creator

    Got the TLC package a few years ago, and updated it a few times.
    Work does indeed take me away, and I haven't been using TLC much these days.

    I did however create a few rudimentary items with TLC, as seen on these sites; and and and and there are also some others on client sites as well...... would post 'em here too, but I don't have permission to do so from our client sites.

    (every graphic on the webshoppehosting site has been manipulated or otherwised touched with TLC)
    (fonts have never been an issue either, as since we do design, we have over 2.500 individual fonts from which to choose and TLC reads most every one of them with ease)

    Our design side uses alot of PhotoShop, DreamWeaverMX and FlashMX, coupled with a few others.

    TLC works well, overall, and I've found that clarity can be greatly enhanced by saving the created TLC entity as a .png, and then converting it to a .gif through ImageReady...... at least I can maintain the transparency aspects anyway by converting through the Adobe software.

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