New Update: Version 7.2.3 Available

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    Hi everybody!
    I've got a new update available for you. This update was posted August 6th, 2016.

    You can download it here:

    Version 7.2.3 Update

    Changes in TLC 7.2.3
    (this update also contains all previous updates for version 7.x.)

    • Created an alert system that alerts your software if there is an update and points the 'OKAY' button to this update page

    • Eliminated multiple "My Template" listings when using the 'Select Templates' dropdown menu.

    • Fixed a bug when choosing "Save to My Templates" - 'Don’t Save' now works correctly.

    • "Embedded browser" (the screen that you see when you first launch the software) can now open links in your own default web browser.

    • Fixed a bug caused by empty 'My Templates' folder that mucked things up during certain circumstances.

    Update today!
    It's free, and easy :D

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