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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by jmullarkey, May 3, 2007.

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    As a new member to the forum, but a rather long time user of the products I have much to learn.
    I am semi-retired, but operate a web design, marketing, and management company in the midwest. Our business has a simple goal: Connect your business to the world. With more than 30 years in education and business, I can honestly say, "We are in a time where imagination is needed more than ever, creativity rules, and ideas need not only to be outside the box, but out of this world!"
    After getting my first Apple in '76, I knew I wanted to work for them - just not in CA. So shortly after dissecting and learning as much as I could about my Apple, Apple II, and Apple IIe, I became a developer for Apple and started my first company - Mind Spa. In '84, still a developer, I got my first Mac and discovered how to expand the opportunities of others. Today, after a personal business hiatus of more than a dozen years while I taught and became an administrator in higher education, I maintained my passion by developing opportunities for individuals, businesses, and organizations through education.
    Now retired from my education career, I have re-focused my energies on individual and business development vis a vis the internet. In doing so I am seeking like professionals to share ideas, inspirations, and suggestions. So as a LaughingBird forumee and imangineer please feel free to contact and share.
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    Great....Welcome to the forum.
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    welcome to the TLC FORUM lets see some of your work sometime!!!!
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    Welcome to the forum, have a browse around at some of the designs other forum members have come up with - you can get some great inspiration that way.

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