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Discussion in 'NEW Forum Ideas' started by Chris, May 17, 2008.

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    OK. As I tweak and turn on new forum features that came with the new vbulletin 3.7 upgrade that Lats(Thank you Lats) did, I will post the updates in here so you know what is new.

    •So first if you look in the top right corner where it shows your PM messages. Your username is now click able to view your own profile. When someone posts a comment on your profile page it will show up up there also. It will act as a new PM notification. The same thing for when someone adds you as a friend.

    •On every thread now at the very bottom is located social bookmarks. You can now digg, stumbleupon,, or google a thread. So this will help get the forum more attention and backlinks.

    •Also don't forget to use the TAGS when posting a thread or just reading a thread that you think is worth some GREAT keywords. You can add tags(keywords) for a thread at the bottom of the thread. This will help a thread get crawled and ranked for those keywords. So these are some really good SEO tools to help the forum.

    •You can now create usergroups. Other users can then join your usergroup if they want. You can view usergroups available by going here: Usergroups

    So how do I create a usergroup?
    You do this when viewing your own profile by clicking your username at the top right hand corner where it shows your PM messages.

    •Each user now has a gallery that they can use to upload logos or pictures(Please keep them clean of course) to share for other members to see. Again you can view a members album by viewing their profile. So show off your work! :D

    •You can now customize your profile page. You can change colors add a background image ro whatever. You can be unique. So grab TLC and create your new profile look. Be sure to share with us what you have done.

    How do I customize my profile? You first need to click your username to view your profile and then you will see a link to the right of your username and avatar that says "Customize profile". You can also go into your userCP and there is a link for doing this in there also.

    •You can now add a user to your friends list. When viewing a members profile you will see a link called Befriend Username. Just click this link and it will add this person to your friends list.

    That is all for now. So please enjoy the new features and let me know if you have any problems with any.
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    Looking good. There are some pretty detailed instructions on customizing your profile in the new and improved FAQ in the navbar above.
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    I really like the commenting on peoples profiles and having a picture album and the social group thing.. Hopefully we can draw some attention to those areas.. Really puts it past just being a forum. Like a real community now that people can interact on the forum and on one another's profile.

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