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Discussion in 'New TLC6 Beta Feedback!' started by gcuneo2, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. gcuneo2


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    Male Outstanding! I'd buy it right now as is, and be quite happy....

    DRAG AND DROP ISSUE- FIXED! Logo elements drop right where you drop em!
    ENTERING TEXT- That text box feature is simply sexy!

    (Plus you can cut and past text text from the web or a word document into it!).

    I don't know if I am imagining it, but the entire app seems to be a bit more responsive.

    Something I still don't like, but ain't a gonna sweat...

    The taglines and slogans not being alphabetical. I can fix that easy, however, I've already created an alphabetical list and will cut and past from a spreadsheet......

    Here's a partial list... copied from the tagline file, pasted into a spreadsheet, and sorted alphabetically. If I need a tagline in the future, Ill open my spreadsheet, and be a cut n' pastin fool!

    Jumbo Shrimp Capital of the World
    Just Do It!
    La Rinconada de Los Gatos
    Lake Superior's Hometown
    Lake, Sun & Fun
    Land of Gracious Living
    Land of Running Water
    Las Personas son la Ciudad
    Las Vegas Plumber: All of our ***shes are Royal!
    Let Us Surprise You
    Little but Proud
    Live Music Capital of the World
    Live Music Capital of the World
    Live Where you Play in Discovery Bay
    Living is Good at the Top of the Valley
    Lookey Here!
    Magic Company
    Magic Company
    Massillon Means More
    Maternity Shop: We provide the accessories after the fact.
    Memories of an Old Town
    Michigan's Jewel
    Michigan's Little Bavaria
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    Re: The New Beta Version of The Logo Creator BETA 3 RELEASE (08 MAR, 2012)

    Too funny.

    Thanks * *:) *

    ...Made me LOL
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    Re: The New Beta Version of The Logo Creator

    Marc, I have to say....Beta3 is looking really nice! I haven't been able to find anything wrong with it. The only thing I see missing from previous version(s) is ability to group/ungroup elements but that's not a deal breaker in the least. It was very handy though if you had a lot of elements you wanted to move at once.
  4. lotrfan1


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    I would love to check this out but none of the templates that came with it work for me. I am using Windows Vista and I have no problem with my v5. Kinda bummed because I really wanted to play with the latest and greatest ;)
  5. BarattaWeb


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    Small issue with Text Outline Strength Re: New beta 3 of The Logo Creator

    Hi Marc,

    There is a small issue with the 'Text Outline Strength' feature. In the last beta 2 version is would start a 20px instead of the normal 1. (Plus no change until well past 20 as below)

    Now in beta 3 it starts at number 1 but when you slide it the number jumps up to 20. The outline strength however does not change to 20 it is still a 1. There does not appear to
    be any way of getting a 2 out of it for example.

    There does not appear to be any actual change in the size until you get around 30 .

    Thanks for the editing text fix, feature. It was a tough one to work with. :-)

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