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Need Exact Size list for all cover types

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by abovedacloud, May 23, 2006.

  1. abovedacloud


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    I like the software but it would be much easier to use if there was a place where I can see the exact sizes for all cover types in one place. so far i know the sizes for the software box but only because it's inside the demo but how bout all of the rest of the cover types. having this would make things alot easier and save alot of time guessing.

    Does someone have these sizes? to every single cover type? and if not can laughing bird release them? i want spine sizes and everyhting it would sure make my job alot easier thanks
  2. cybrnetico

    cybrnetico Staff Member

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  3. KD-did


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    Interesting question...I am not sure there is an exact measurement for the different cover types because the images can be manipulated to create different perspectives ( bringing forward, pushing backward,and turning) dimensional measurements would vary.
  4. a¿ex

    a¿ex Staff Member

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    there is no such thing as an exact size, rather it is the ratio between the width and the height, which matters.
    At the moment you can look up the ratio for the size in the corresponding xml
    for the model you chose.
    This is not optimal and it will be much easier to handle in the upcoming new version.

    I've tried to explain at the best my english is up to, how the texture sizes are handled.
    please read more details in this replies:



    here's another excerpt:

    for each 3-D model, there is a png with the thumbnail (which is what you see in the menu), a file with the geo data and a xml file with infos for the model. It is the xml file, that we are looking for. To find the correct one look at the png files, find the model you are looking for and open the corresponding xml file in any text editor or xml editor.

    you'll find for the different faces of the model amongst others the following info:

    <targetRect>rect(80, 16, 432, 504)</targetRect>

    the targetrect tells you the aspect ratio. in the above case its width is 352 (-> 432 - 80) and the height is 488 (-> 504 - 16)
    so a bitmap with an aspect ratio of 352x488 will fit exact.
    this can be 352x488 or 704x976 (<- *2) or 176x244 (<- /2) and so on.

    or you change the mapmode to one of the following as descrbed above:
    #fitInto, #fitwidth, #fitheight, #scaleToFit.

    Hope that helps
  5. HomeBiz


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    I thought the eBook I worte on this covered the sizes using the templates...


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