my1st paid logo, maybe need your critique

Discussion in 'Logo Designs' started by markbbadone, Apr 19, 2009.

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    I live in Las Vegas and my Friend owns a photo gallery and just worked out the detail to carry the Playboy Legacy Collection as well as the MGM studios collection as well as work from other famous photographers. Well I went out on a limb and and said I could come up with a logo that could be used for business cards and even for gallery invitations. My goal was to maintain a sleek & classy look and give it a Hollywood Golden Era feel. Please tell me your thoughts I plan to submit this for approval on the 30th of April.
    Thank You
    ps sorry to post twice I wasn't able to upload pics on 1st post

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    Hello: Hey your design looks good for a invitations, but hope you cooking up a good logo, good luck.

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