My Wishes (for now......)

Discussion in 'Wish list for future releases' started by SnekyBastard, Aug 4, 2005.

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    I will be a good boy all year. I won't pull my wifes hair (well..not hard). I won't pick on my children (well..not TOO much). I will pay all my bills (well..MOST of my bills). And I will play nice with others (well..not TOO nice), if Santa will bring me these things:
    • How about a grid pullout and ruler guides?
    • A user definable interface and user skinning option?
    • Button selection.
    • Layer popup or extendable interface to work with individual layers instead of the dreaded Ctrl+8 fiasco. A pallette type like the layer window in PhotoShop (CS 8.0).

    If he will bring me these things, I PROMISE to keep my promises! :angel:

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