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    My name is Marc Sylvester.
    I'm the creator of The Logo Creator and Laughingbird Software. I have a 6 year old daughter, and 4 year old twin boys.

    I've been a graphic designer since 1984 and have been online since 1996! I went to a design school in San Diego California (where I grew up) and moved north to L.A. when I was married in '92.

    In 1995, the company I was working for - a very small company - went belly up. The company had a terrific idea at the time. To put large TV monitors in every other isle of a supermarket store. These TVs would show commercials! (What better placement than to see a "Crest toothpaste" commercial while you were in the Toothpaste isle!).

    I was in charge of the 'in between' animations, trivia questions, funny slogans ... that were to be played between commercials so viewers wouldn't get bored.

    Unfortunatly, the company didn't succeed. But, from my experience, I knew I wanted to be my own boss and start my own company.

    Shortly after, I began teaching multimedia ( a Macromedia Director class) at a tech school. This was 1995. One day, I thought it would be interesting to surf this new thing called the Internet. I surfed it using Netscape Navigator in front of the class. We all fell in love with it and - mostly - all of us are STILL online to this day!

    I started designing logos for others on the net. I charged a $99 flat rate for each logo. Other designers at the time were charging by the hour. I made a point to tell my clients that, no matter how long I worked on the logo, it would be $99. It was a hit. (Always make it easy on the end user!)

    A year later, I raised my prices to $299. Then, in 1999, I raised my prices to $499 per logo. Always charging the flat rate.

    In 2000, version 1.0 of The Logo Creator was born. I merged my knowledge of programming with my logo design skills and have been doing my own thing ever since!

    Hokay. I could go on for hours.
    I'll stop now and let others talk :)

    - Marc
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    That you can brother bird, but you need to go back into the cave and re-lease more products. *whip*!!

    Then again, what am I rambling on about! I need to get back into the cave myself and create 10 mascots in 10 poses in... (Just kidding M!)
    My name is Dave, creator of and all mascots. I am also the artist for the TLC mascot editions.
    I have been drawing silly little characters as far as I can recall. Always the illustrator with vivid imagination, it was when 'ol Laughingbird showed me what a computer can do. Our first Commodore 64 (and Infocom games!) changed the way I looked at computers forever. Since then, and many Macs later, I have art schooled it trying to find "that" art job. I have about 10 years now of illustration and print design behind me. I am very new to the world of web building and the like. I too have landed the big corporation job that went belly up and now find myself swimming in my own drawings and showing them to the world. My main goal is for people to enjoy my work and find many uses for the mascots.
    Marc has come up with a GREAT creation and idea that benefits BOTH amateur and pro alike. If it was not for him and his ideas I would be mopping up some big corp business somewhere. Thanks big bird!

    By the way. If anyone want's to know what BorpeanTown means...
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    [FONT=&quot]Hi very body I'm Adel from Singapore and I'm 33 years old I have my one company and we represent other companies in the medal est. .I just like the logo creator program sometimes I spent hours just designing and having fun but not professionally you can say as hobby.[/FONT]

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