My...How times are really changing.

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  1. Worlock

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    I came home from work, just to see my wife sitting on the sofa holding a piece of paper in one hand and looking very puzzled. I asked "Whats got you looking like that" as I made my way to her, She replies..."boy things sure have changed since we were in school....You need to read this" Oh? I said.

    I took the paper and on it was the words DVD YEARBOOK...Wow!! I thought, this seems interesting now dont it?...and in the fashion only my wife has..She asks, How do you get your friends to sign your yearbook when its on a DVD ?....I said ...well lets ask our son. So we did...Heres the response we got for our question.

    We take a piece of paper around to all the people we want to write something and then we turn it in with the order form. Hummm my wife says, So they are going to add it on the DVD? she said...he said....Guess So! while shrugging his shoulders.

    Yearbooks on why didnt I think of that?
    My how times are changing :)
  2. Randy...

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    Been doing that here for quite some time now!
  3. stuccoman


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    I was waiting for the punch line.....:(
  4. needle&thred


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    In Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois (a few moves with the kids) I have never heard of such a thing. They still do it the old fashion way for Middle School and Elementary, via book. Interesting though, I will have to check with the High School.

    I wonder what program the kids learned to come up with that one. Since they are usually the ones designing the yearbook, with help from the teachers. Know wonder they are so much better with the electronics. I better go back to school.

  5. Worlock

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    HAHAHAHAHA......Me too :)
  6. Christy


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    I'm imagining if slips of paper got mixed up and a student ended up with someone else's notes but...neat concept.
  7. Lamo1graphic


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    welcome to the 21st century ,neat idea

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