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    I'm using XP SP2

    Discovered the text scrolling issue on the second day after purchasing the logomaker.

    I'm running Norton (Symantec) AV and Firewall 2005

    I don't recommend that anyone go without some kind of protection while online.

    My logo maker prog works just fine while Norton AV and Firewall are running.

    I discovered that in my case it was the enhanced security features that have been written into SP2 (windows)

    I turned Windows Security Centre off in order to get the logo maker to work with regard to scrolling fonts.

    Here's what I did:

    Click "start"
    scroll to "run"
    Typed "msconfig" into the box and clicked "enter"

    Once the msconfig box came up I went to the "services" tab, clicked on it and scrolled down to where it says "security centre" and unchecked the box.

    Next I clicked on the "startup" tab and scrolled down and unchecked the boxes for - "ltmsg.exe", "mmtask.exe" and KBD.exe and then clicked apply.

    Then I clicked O.K. and rebooted my machine.

    I can now scroll all 2500 of my fonts whether they be system or embedded.

    I am really not going to miss Windows security at all really as I feel that after using Norton for years, it is a much better prog anyhow.

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