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multiple screen resolutions needed

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by hag672, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. hag672


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    Hi Again:

    I am a visually impaired user. My normal Windows screen resolution is 800x600. I have found that I need to set the screen to 1024x768 when starting the Web Graphics Creator, or the top menu gets cut off of the main program selection screen.

    I did discover that I can reset my resolution back to 800x600 when using the art center, but I have to reset it back to 1024x768 when I select "exit" which to me mean exit the entire program. When I press that it brings me back to the main program screen where you choose the art center, ecovers, etc. To me when you press "exit" not "exit the art creator", you should exit the entire program and return to Windows desktop.

    What would be a good feature to add in the future would be automatic screen resolution setting for the different program modules that require different screen resolutions.

    When I first started the Web Graphics creator under 800x600 I had to use task manager to end the program because the top of the menu was gone.

    Otherwise, the program works pretty well... still playing,
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    Mr Laughingbird Staff Member

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    Thanks for the suggestion hag672!
    I will see if I can work on this.

    there is a way I can program the software to set your monitor automatically to the correct settings. Then, when the software is closed, your monitor will be set back to normal.

    I've actually experimented with this technique. This works great on the Mac, but on Windows, the icons on your desktop move. I don't want to mess anybody's desktop up. So this feature is still a work in progress.

    - Marc
  3. hag672


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    Creating buttons for Frontpage - Couldn't find a way...

    Hi Marc:

    I posted a message, and a reply was given by MileM. I sent him a quick reply which doesn't seem to show up on the forum (so I imagine it is a private email). I wanted you to get ahold of the reply I sent him because I felt it was important. Since I couldn't find a way to copy the reply to you I am sending this one.

    I want to be able to use the buttons that I create in frontpage 2003. There is a product out there by Xara called Webstyle 4 which hasn't been upated since 2004. During its install it detects if you have Dreamweaver 8, or Frontpage 2003 or earlier versions installed, and asks if you want an add-in extension placed into these programs. In FrontPage all I need to do to create an automated button is go into the Insert menu and select Xara, and I am instantly into the WebStyle creator that lets me create buttons, 3-d headers, navbars, banner adds, etc. Once I finish the code is automatically placed into the HTML code, and the needed files are displayed so you can import them into your webpage or site.

    This would be a great feature to add, and make the wok of adding buttons much easier.


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