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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by Wisdomatics, Jul 9, 2007.

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    More standard sizes and then some

    I bought version one, threw it away and bought version 2 today and am very disappointed. This should never have been released without further testing. The one hundred so called templates are basically 4 or 5 basic styles with minor variations, many of which were in version 1. There's an error message when you load it, some buttons have no effect when you click on them and the documention is abysmal. No sample html code is produced on install, and the included docs don't even provide the sample code - you have to go to the webs site for basic info. I'd really like my money back. Sorry, I know it takes a lot of work to make a good program, but you've had enough time for this one.

    Do you really need users to tell you which banner sizes are common? A quick check of the Internet Advertising Bureau, amonth about 100 other sites would have provided the full list.
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    It is easy to complain about a problem but when one does not help find a solution it they never accomplished anything by complaining in the first place. I would imagine a person would want to work hard to please someone that was peacefully offering their knowledge to a solution rather than someone who was not..

    Well say the above is a famous quote by some famous person.. Yeah.. Thats it..

    Whether this was the proper route for Wisdomatics to come in and place a negative vibe on PTVMans thread I am unsure. However on a positive note to PTVMans original thread starting topic I would like you to know you will see this feature available rather soon.. I have been notified that the mods and admin will be beta testing the new release very very soon and then have it open to the public..

    In this new release to my understanding there will be more standard banner sizes and the program will out put stand alone .swf files. This means no more asset and font folders will need to follow around your .swf file. As well of course some more templates as expected. I would hold tight for a bit and wait for this new release as I expect it will meet a lot of people expectations for improvement.. Keep your eye out for the new release in the near future following beta testing..
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    i find it very interesting that you can join the forum in January

    and your only post is to be negative,and try and interfere in another persons request!!!!!
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    Hi Gary,

    Could you tell us how you really feel? Just kidding. I can tell you're frustrated.

    I have moved your post into it's own thread. No need to jump on someone elses wagon.

    Fortunately, I never worked with version 1.5 --- I hear it really was bad. But, I have had the pleasure to work with version 2.0 and it works for what it's designed for. Can it be improved? Sure, but only with helpful, constructive feedback from our valued customers.

    One thing we've heard from several users, is the need for more sizes. We heard each of you loud and clear.

    Our users wanted on output file that would be easily uploaded to a website without the need for additional folders to mess with. We heard each of you loud and clear.

    As for the error messages, if you could provide more details, maybe we could help you out more. I found no problems with any of the buttons I have tested. Let us know what you're having trouble with.

    As for the html code. Because there are so many users using different website creation tools, it's impossible to create a code that will work for everyone. Users are 'flagged' prior to purchase that they should have knowledge on how to upload the files. We have offered some friendly advise and generic tutorials for some, but there must be some ownership from the user to get things loaded correctly.

    BTW - I see your company creates some nice websites. Can I assume you're looking for a simple tool to help you create some 'flash' ads without dropping the large dime for Adobe. If that's the case, provide some good feedback (without all of the negativity) for us to look into and look forward to the next release. :image28:

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