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More manual bad links

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by wordsworth, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. wordsworth


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    The manual touts a free one-month subscription to PhotoObjects.net. Pretty cool, except for the fact that PhotoObjects.net no longer exists! You get re-directed to Photos.com. Where, by the way, there is NO mention of a free one-month subscription! You pay to play from the first day. That will be $100 for the first month, thank you.

    Is it unrealistic to expect that the manual will have current information and links? Would it be all THAT hard for somebody to review it once every couple of weeks to make sure everything works? If you had a deal with PhotoObjects.net, maybe it needs to be re-created with Photos.com? Or the mention needs to be removed? Or something?
  2. KD-did


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    PhotoObjects.net gave 1 week notice to its members it was closing. Laughingbird software has absolutely no control over what PhotoObjects.net does on their site.

    I really don't think it is reasonable to expect updates for just manual links. After all the link for the manual itself works. There are several reason a link within the manual may not work other than being broken .. temporarily there are no updates available ,like new manual or information is stored there until ready for an update release and once the update is released it will be a working link again.
  3. LadyK


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    March 4, 2009

    I have been with LaughingBird since 2004 and TheLogoCreator version 3.5... I've never really had a problem until now...

    I too TODAY was given a receipt that spoke of a 1 month free subscription to PhotoObjects.com and I verified that information on the webpage at laughingbird..

    So I agree if the offer is no longer valid it really needs to COME DOWN!


    I also was told in receipt that if I used the unlock key to THE ARTS CENTER that I would get 50 additional templates...

    Nope didn't get those either it went to a 404 error page...

    Manual.... Link in software does not take me to a manual but through at least 4 other pages to yet another 404 error page..

    I emailed support.... did not go through because guess what...
    404 error page...

    Called number in receipt... to hold for 45 mins to be told to call support number that when it's called has a voicemail box that is full and can't accept messages.

    Used OLD email addresses that I purchased all my previous versions from to have them bounce back.... So I'm a little bit

    However I have been with Laughingbird a long time and love
    The Logo Creator. eCover Creator, The Web Graphics, Flash Ad
    and all the little add-ins I've purchased over the years...

    So I know someone will hopefully read my current post here if it really is being moderated and maybe someone will contact me asap so I can get what is due me...

    Thanks for letting me rant a little....



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