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Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by bsammzz2, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. bsammzz2


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    I have been trying for quite some time now to get my designed cover template exported to the appropriate inch of 5" (width) and 8" (height) required for the front and back cover of my book by my printing press but I have not been successful. I dont know why something that should be as easy as converting a pixel to an inch is taking a heck of a time.
    Talking about pixel to inch conversion, I converted my 5" by 8" to pixel on 300dpi and the result was 1500 x 2400 pixels, a result that WGC couldnt match.
    Pls Marc I dont know what to do anymore. All I need is to convert the pixel based WGC programme to an inch based on 5" X 8" on a 300dpi scale. I have a deadline with my printing press which I cant afford to kid with. If its not gonna be possible I need to know so I can source for other means.
    I hope you understand.

  2. Borpean

    Borpean Staff Member

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    bsammzz2, welcome to the forum.
    The reason why the WGC can't match the high pixel dimensions at 300dpi is because the WGC is mainly used for the web graphics (72dpi). Whenever you go from 72dpi (web) to 150-300dpi(print) the quality will always have a distorted fuzzy or "pixelated" look. This has nothing to do with the WGC program. Unless you have The LogoCreator or another graphics editing program, you can work around this as those are able to work around this issue.
    You can download any major graphics editing program for free for 30 days to help you with your problem. But unfortunately the WGC is primarily used for web projects.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions and hope you get this solved.

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