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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by pacificwar, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. pacificwar


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    Can you use Macromedia Flash 8 and use it to modify the FAC2 generated .swf files?
    For some reason I don't feel the Flash Ad Creator's software is functional enough.
    For example most of the banners have only 3 items, is there a way to delete 1 or even add more?
  2. mel2000


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    I've never had a bit of luck getting Flash8 to directly read a FAC2 SWF, although some here claim they have. Since every FAC2 ad comes with a corresponding FLA file, if you're handy with Flash8 you can make appropriate changes to the FLA timeline to get the changes you want. Unfortunately I'm rather new to flash and am not at the point where I can make changes to FLAs created by others.

    I edit FAC2 SWFs the hard way: I convert FAC2 SWFs to AVI files (after removing the Fonts folder contents), then edit and append the AVIs, then reconvert the final AVI to a standalone SWF. Oddly enough, I just went over this conversion in a "Stopping Loop" forum message I sent last night.
  3. Randy...

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    I'm not sure about Flash 8 being able to modify the FAC created file, but all of the native flash files are included. I know those can be edited within Flash 8.

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