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    Having problem when trying to install logo template. The program is trying to install the template on my one drive. I have a laughing bird folder in my documents on my c: drive why is it trying to install to my one drive. The software does not give me the option to change the location. I get an error telling me that it cannot install to that folder. I have tried to install as an admin but that did not help either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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    From what I am seeing your One Drive set up isn't what the program understands on how to work . Normally it looks for a C: drive and NOT One Drive to work.It should look more like C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\Laughingbird Documents

    For a workaround choose the "SAVE AS" (the second choice down)and save to your desktop. Once there go to the Documents folder . Locate the LAUGHINGBIRD DOCUMENTS folder. Locate the LOGO LIBRARY folder.then move the template file into the "My Documents" folder. Now place the template folder in its entirety there. Now it will installed and show in the drop down menu.

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    Hey Richard, I'm a little confused over what you are trying to do.

    First, you do not 'Install' a template.

    What it looks like is that you are trying to install The Creator. Correct? And you are getting that error during the installation process?

    If so, this may be your problem ...

    TC is setup to 'install' files to your 'Documents' directory in Windows. Normally, this is on drive 'C'. It does not have to be, but Windows must know this!
    You can configure your Windows computer to store your documents in another location, or on another drive. You just have to make sure to change your Windows configuration to reflect this. Not always an easy process.

    Then comes One Drive. One Drive is a MS cloud based storage system. It lets you store files on a cloud server and access them as if they are on your computer. Great for sharing files across multiple systems, not so great for The Creator.

    I do not use One Drive at all. But many programs use and access your Documents directory. Including The Creator. I think, and I'm only guessing here, that the installation program is becoming confused because of the path to your Documents, and it not residing on your computer.

    It looks like it tried to install, but could not create the path to where it wants to store the files. This could be caused by several problems.
    Your internet connection having noise. Having a loss of internet while installing. Not having system permission to write to that directory on the server. I'm not talking about YOUR permission settings. Your server may simply not like the fact that an unauthorized application ( The Creator ) is trying to write to it! Many things to look in to.

    First, do all of your Documents write directly to the One Drive? Or do they write to your hard disk, then get copied to the One Drive?

    Bottom line, The Creator is set up to write directly to your Documents folder. It can be located anywhere on your computer IF windows is properly configured. I have never seen it write to a cloud server. I think that is where your problem is going to be found and we'll probably have to get Marc involved with this. He may or may not be able to find a solution. Let us know the answers to the questions I posed above, if you can. I'll send a link to this thread to Marc and see if he can shed any light.

    Please check back often to see if anyone has found a solution! Thanks!

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