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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by DarlieB, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Ok, for $19 updated (hefty considering the full cost for LC is only $29 and I already own it ) from 4 to 5 ( well 5.1 since it kept crashing ) but I'm a bit mystified , what actually did I get here ? It doesn't seem to use the previous libraries but has the same copies . I'm not sure but I think there is actually less logo's than I had in 4 ! Wasn't there supposed to be a 100 more logos ? So for 20 dollars I actually got less ? I'm feeling kind of miffed right now. Oh and buying this thing it then tacks on some "extended download" thing for another $10 . WHAT ???? Where did that come from ??? :image10:
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    Hi Darlie.

    Thank for your post.

    Which logo edition did you previously have in version 4.x?

    The updater should throw new logos into each set you have.
    If you had the Hollywood set for example, you had 25 logos. v5 changes its name to "The Entertainment Edition" and provides 50 total logos.

    This is true for all of the logo editions.

    Let me know what you had in v4 - and what you're not seeing in v5. Maybe the installer failed to push all of the logos into your new folder? Don't know.

    As for the Extended Download service, that is something that DigitalRiver throws into the cart, but it can be removed by hitting the little 'trash can' icon. It allows you to re-download your order up to 3 years.

    Let me know on the above Darlie -- I'll work with you on this.

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    The folder says version 4 but under "Get Info " it says version 10.1r11 .

    Logo Creator itself says nothing about the version , just the folder ( Version 5 calls itself The Logo Creator 5 ). When I first purchased this online there were already free bonus logo packages that I was notified of immediately after purchase from Laughing Bird . These were what was in the CD alone.

    Cartoon Edition
    Company Mascot
    Corporate Edition 1
    Corporate Edition 2
    Corporate Edition 3
    Hollywood Edition

    And that isn't counting the bonus packs. So I kind of feel like it's a but short and not up to paying virtually the whole price. I guess I was expecting more. Oh, and digital river should do that automatically and not charge for it . I mean , it's not a great cost to keep a 6 mg program on their server.

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