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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by web2ent, Apr 18, 2016.

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    I bought logo creator a few years ago from a WSO. Ive been using it off and on for a while on my windows XP computer for various projects.

    When offered the free update I installed it on my new Windows 10 laptop but of course all my templates and other things I bought or got to use with it are on my old computer.

    I must be a registered user and my email address (mark.bayonne@gmail.com) is the same under which I would have registered the program originally.

    Is there any way to get the full install for my new computer? The old one is about ready to die.
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    As a Windows user you can have both the V5 . V6.8 and V7 on the same machine. They are not compatible. I have 5. V6.8 and TC7 on the same machine./ It does not over write. Back up your V5. You will need V5 to open and edit the templates from the V5.....same with v6.. Install v7 then remove the V6.8 icon.

    The membership area will only have TLC/TC since March 15 2014 available on it.
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    What version of TLC did you have on your XP machine? Problem is, the v7 was simply a 'core' update. It includes no templates and was meant for users that had v6.x already. If your version was before 6.x then you'd have to purchase the full TC7 program to get the new templates. However, as KD-did points out, you can have multiple versions installed on your new machine. The templates you have for your early version have all the graphics used. With a little time you can re-create any template you want in the new TC version. Or simply create your own templates any way you like. Thing to remember is that you can 'import' any png or jpg graphic. so, if you don't want to spend the bucks, simply create your own work and forget about the templates. You can always bring up your previous version and 'refer' to a template design while creating your own in TC7.
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