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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by Birdcage, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Birdcage


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    Greetings fellow Mac Logo Creator members,

    As everyone clearly sees Marc at Laughing Bird Software still ignores and fails to update Mac users. Why? VERY POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE. Now December is only a couple days away and Marc sends out SALES info!? Come on, stop ripping off customers! When the product worked it was good. Now Marc you continue to not address the problem and leave us in the dark with no information.

    So as many wait for any sign of BASIC CURTSEY of a weekly update, blog or message, by Marc who obviously holds all the cards, lets guess what the excuse is why;

    Vote for one or more. Write-ins welcome,

    1. Marc lost his computer to communicate from the Island with no internet service or electric.
    2. Marc has amnesia, forgot he has morals or business ethic to post simple update information.
    3. Marc has all the funds from last SALE at LBS and took ONE PROGRAMMER on a sailing adventure to find his long lost dog named Adobe.
    4. Too Busy changing name of company to Laughing While Flipping the Bird Software.
    5. Marc is seeking more counseling and therapy while still morning the death of Steve Jobs and Marc's pet bird ****atoo named Little Ryan Seacrest Jr.
    6. The one Programmer Marc hired turned out to be named Dr. Conrad Murray and they have fallen asleep on the job.
    7. Marc found Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha in the unemployment line while looking for more programmers and lost his way to the office as the all went to the cantinas in Tijuana.*
    8. Marc now focussing all his time on ant farming in Antarctica.
    9. Marc wants only organic codes in the Lion update slowing it down more.*
    10. Marc is the winner of Mars orbital journey.

    OK anyone else want to take a crack at it because obliviously Marc could care less about communicating to fellow mac users!
  2. Mr Laughingbird

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    Excellent post Birdcage.

    Let me tackle your comments in order...

    No, I'm not ignoring updates to my fellow Mac users. Believe me - I'm asked about the update everyday. And I reply to my eMail about it everyday.

    I've announced my updates on my Facebook page as well - but the posts keep getting burried under user comments.

    As for your comment on 'ripping you off' - really, I'm sorry you feel this way. No rip-off intended. ... and sending out sales letters is a mandatory practice that everybody should participate in. -- how else am I going to pay the programmer to get the software updated? :)

    The product still works for all computers ... not running Mac OS 10.7.

    My BIGGEST problem, and one that I have now learned (!) is not to announce a promised timeline until I know for sure that the product will be ready on the promised timeline.

    As for the excuses you list above. They're very clever.
    ... I pick number 10.

    Seriously BirdCage...
    you've been a long time customer of my products, and I'm really sorry to hear of the comic anger in your letter above. But the passion you show for the products, and the fact that you're angry that you can't use Laughingbird Software is actually a good sign. It means you really care and I'm working hard to make this right.

    I've been a Mac user since 1984 and have every Apple product ever invented. I read the Steve Jobs biography on my iPad!

    So here's the thing.

    I originally created The Logo Creator using a product called Macromedia Director. Macromedia also created the original Flash. ... Director is a cousin to Flash.

    Thousands of hours of programming. Thousands of graphics created for the software. And 10 years of updating and modifying The Logo Creator to run with Director.

    In 2004, Adobe bought Macromedia and took over Director.

    They've began to let Director die a slow death as Flash took over and Adobe focused on Flash development.

    Steve Jobs hated Flash.

    He also - pretty much said that Adobe sucked after 2004.

    Then Steve Jobs created Lion. And Lion - as well as all of the iProducts Apple is creating is not a friend of Adobe.
    Lion has refused to run certain Adobe products that slow down the processor.

    Since Director hasn't been updated, I was forced to RE-PROGRAM thousands of hours of code and rebuild the software from scratch.

    This is in the works as I type this.

    There are many many logistics to this.

    For example, would users of the older Logo Creator be able to update to the new version easily?
    This alone took about a month and a half to program. (the answer is now YES).

    Behind the scenes, I'm actually modifying my entire business.

    The Logo Creator will be updated for Mac.

    ...AND, it'll be updated for Windows (from XP to Windows 7)


    It'll run in Apple's App store

    It'll run in Microsoft's new software store

    It'll run on Unix/Linux machines

    it'll run on the iPad

    it'll run on the iPhone and iPod touch

    it'll soon run on Android mobile devices as well.

    ... still think I'm not working on this?

    Just like the six million dollar man: it'll be better ... stronger, faster.
    And it WILL be available.

  3. Birdcage


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    Thank you for your comments.

    Obviously, we will disagree with the public communications made on the update. I personally have not received an answer or response to this question;

    Why not offer those dead in the water on Lion the windows version if we can make updates and changes using what we created in the mac versions? Parallels and other programs run on many machines today.

    Business 101 - "Always surpass the paying customers expectations".
  4. Mr Laughingbird

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    In fact, I've been offering Mac users who have access to Windows a free copy of The Logo Creator.
    eMail me. (marc @

    ... and, are you sure I've not responded to you?

    I'll set you up if you tell me what you have on the Mac side and give me some way to look up your past account. Either your eMail address that you used when you ordered, or better yet, an order number


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