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    Something wonderful happened on my computer today.
    I am so pleased and I want to make sure the whole hardworking, creative team knew about it.

    Laughingbird's product line has been (next to MS Word), the most important tool on my computer for almost two years now. I've observed continuous improvements just keep flowing from you guys. And, its been wonderful creating with it - and, I have been fairly prolific...as a quick visit to my website will show. (And all those designs you'll see there - well, they never would have happened without TLC - because I could not have afforded to hire a graphic designer and that would have been necessary before Laughingbird came along.

    Back to what happened today. After doing the current download to my 3.0 I made the joyous (I MEAN JOYOUS!) discovery that all my fonts now appear in their form not just by font name! Do you know how much valuable production time this new feature will save all of your customers? If the GNP goes up next quarter - part of the credit will be yours.

    And, now I read that TLC's upcoming release will add to the features? But, I am already beyond delighted! Thanks so much for everything. I know it hasn't always been easy. But, you have a product that is really making a difference. Congratulations and
    here's to the future!
    Thomas E. Nocera, M.A.

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    Hi Tom

    Thanks so much for posting this terrific testimonial. I'm sorry it took me awhile to see it (this forum has gotten so big!)

    I've included this on my testimonials page; http://www.thelogocreator.com/testimonials.html

    You're logos are great - you've made excellent use of the software Tom.

    I'm going to be putting up a 'user' page with logos that others have made. You're images will look nice there :)

    thanks again for the kind words Tom!
    Hope you make a fortune! :6:

    - Marc

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