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How do you use this software ?

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  2. Other Business Website

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  1. pallison1197


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    Hello all you wonderful users out there.

    I just purchased the graphics software package and joined this forum. I'm looking forward to your posts so I can get ideas from how you are using this software.

    I am new to Internet Marketing and want to make my website something different from the run of the mill websites. I'm told that is the only way that I can successfully ' build my list '.

    If you want to see what I am doing with this product, please feel free to visit me at The Pick And Shovel Place - Home.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Paul Allison
  2. Randy...

    Randy... Guest

    Hi! Welcome to the LB forum.

    I noticed your poll concerns mainly website questions. With the variety of Laughingbird products, there are so many other things the software can be used for. How about showing us what you are doing with the software without having to supply personal information to get thru your first page? You wouldn't want people to think you are just trying to harvest contact information, would you?

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