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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by VBUtils, Jan 21, 2007.

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    1. I upgraded to the Mega Pack 5.0 and my drop down for templates shows "Corporate Edition" and "Corporate Pack". The "Edition" shows templates, but the "Pack" is blank. Any idea why?

    2. The colors are absolutely useless regardless of what method I choose. I even tried entering the color in via RGB, but what should be dark blue appears as purple. I tried saving it and opening the file, but it still looks horrible. I then tried the same RGB (0,0,99) in Photoshop and Fireworks - it looks perfect in them. There's definitely something wrong in TLC...hopefully someone is reading this and will release a fix soon since I can't use TLC to properly display/save colors.

    3. Where is the ability to bevel the edges so that they look raised and rounded? The closest thing I can find is a red oval with yellow outline, but there's no method to work with the bevel or change the individual colors. There should be basic shapes with the ability to bevel, raise, inset, etc.

    I know it sounds like a total rant session, but for a software package this good it seems a shame that certain basic functionality either doesn't work or isn't there.
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    Hi VBUtils.
    Thanks for your post.

    Great feedback.

    I'm sorry you sound a bit disappointed about it all.
    (the MegaPak upgrade should have made you a happy camper! It contains over 175 new logos and over 300 new logo objects!)

    The "Corporate Pak" folder was an error with the installer. It has to do with the Trial version that is posted on the website. If the folder bothers you, I can tell you how to remove it.

    Your 2nd point is a bit confusing.
    Just curious, under your Export menu ... do you have an option that says "CMYK" ? If so, uncheck it and let me know if it helps. Also, what is your computer set up? Windows XP? Mac OSX?

    3. Yes, this would be a nice feature to include. (keep in mind however, The Logo Creator is not Photoshop, nor is it meant to be). As far as the shapes are concerned, take a look at The Shapes font tutorial when you have a moment or two. Some pretty cool effects can be created.

    I hear you on the feature request VBUtils! I program The Logo Creator with an application by Adobe (It's called "Director"... it's sort of a cousin to Flash). they're going to release a major upgrade to the programming language. Once they do, The Logo Creator will also be enhanced)!

    Thanks for the feedback VBUtils!

    - Marc
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    Windows XP. I don't have the CMYK option under export, so I decided to test various shapes using the RGB method. For some unknown reason, the colors are now showing as they should - no idea why. I'll continue to play around with it to see if I can pinpoint what might be the cause of the color variation. I was truly frustrated that I not only couldn't bevel an oval, but that the colors were so drastically off. I wound up doing it in Fireworks, which took me forever since I'm not a graphics design guy - this would've taken 5 minutes in TLC.

    Another suggestion - since you use Director, is it possible to allow external filters and add-ins in TLC?

    I really love TLC, which is why the upgrade was well worth it.

    Keep up the great work!


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