Is There Any Way to Change the Ad Sizes?

Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by familybliss, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. familybliss


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    I'm trying to place these flash ads in a sidebar on <a href="">my blog</a> which is only 191 px wide. The flash animation I'm looking to use is about 292 px wide.

    Is there any way to work with this or am I going to have to totally redo my blog?

    Love your products! This is my second purchase.
  2. Hobbeskind


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    Here is one way.
    First I must say that I use Freeway Pro as my webdesign application, importing a flash animation for me simply means drawing an htlm box on my webpage and importing the animation which then plays at the size of the box.
    Freeway takes care of all the file handling etc.
    Of course when you resize your animation the graphics get distorted, which usually is not what you want. So you need to take a few, simple, preliminary steps.
    Previev the selected template and make screengrabs of the varioius stages, e.g. if there are 3 images in the template, make 3 grabs.
    Find the imges used in the template, they are in the Images folder within he application folder,open them in, say Photoshop and make a note of their dimensions.
    Open the screengrabs in Photoshop and resize them to the dimensions you want your own version of the animation to be. The images will now of course be distorted.
    Copy and paste your own images on the screengrabs and if necessary resize and crop them to fit.
    Now resize each of these new pictures to the dimensions you have made a note of in step 2 (they now will look wildly distorted) and then save them.

    Now you can start making your animation, using your distorted pictures.
    When placed at the new bigger size in your webpage, the distorted images will “redistort” to their original proportions and now will look normal.

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