Is there any unaddressed problem with Logo services

Discussion in 'Logo Designs' started by Farrukh, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Farrukh


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    I am a Graphic Designer and want to be in online graphic designing business, I want to design custom logos for the small and medium companies.

    Is there any one to help me know that what were the problems the other online provider are not able to solve regarding the online Logo designing Services. And what were issues, confusions and complaints with the online logo providers.

    I want to serve in a unique way the other designing services are not doing!

    Help me find out some new, unaddressed problems with logo designing Services.

  2. andynete


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    The most common compaliant is they are the designers are not able to match the client requirements & also the file formats are not provided.
  3. Worlock

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    I think these issues would be something better for you to observe yourself, One thing to remember is your designs have to be as good or better than the competition and finding fault isnt easy in any way shape or form with other designers, If you can do better, then do it I say...I think your time would be better spent designing and getting your name out as well as your designs instead of trying to find out what your asking for, concentrate on your work and dont worry about others, after all, your wanting opinions no one can really give in this matter.... :)

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