Is there a limit to number of words?

Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by bvanderlinde, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I am using the Logo Creator to design a banner for my blog and it has background words in a very pale grey that have taken me a LONG time to get in there and formatted since each word has to be formatted separately. Now I am about 20 words from being done and the program will not let me add any new text. :image09: Am I missing something? Is there some workaround if there is a limit? There was nothing about this sort of limitation when I purchased. Thank You.

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    Hi Brittany, say, how many words have you entered already? ...curious...
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    Brittany, if I understand what you are doing for your banner may I suggest that you export all of what you have done to this point as a transparent .png ....use that image file to continue on . Clear your canvas by backspacing or start with a clean correctly sized canvas, import the text image file back onto the empty canvas and start your new text from there and continue working. If necessary you can repeat the step of exporting the text as an image as many times as necessary to get around the limitations just be sure to label exports differently so that your TLC will recognize that it is a new file. There is a benefit to working this way...if disaster should strike your .tlc file you would be able to start again with a minimum of inconvenience and loss of work.

    In the future you may want to consider using TLC's ability to duplicate as a time saver rather than formatting each word individually from square one... if you are essentially wanting the same effect on each word. This would still allow you to use the same coloration but allow you to change the word (by backspacing),font or size of the text if using multiple fonts.

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