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    Greetings to everyone.

    This is my first time in and I came to explore the possibilities of colaberation on many topics. I am a retired executive director from a California school district. Now I am a super volunteer within my new small community. Many of my volunteer endeavors require a lot of advertisement and marketing tasks.

    My current project is the Youth Leadership Action Team, which is middle and high school students, learning how to run a business, our product is information. We are sponosred by a nonprofit organization that works to fund activities, groups and events that help provide health alternatives to alcohol and durg abuse. We are working to develop a comic book style booklet that provides all of the help available youth and we support our sporting events for 3rd grade to 6th grade kids.

    We need a main character to speak for the Youth Leadership Action Team. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum!

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