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    Greetings from Olden Gray. :image28:Not my real name, of course, but an apt description of my advanced years. However, in spite of that, I have been able to stay active in the design field for nearly 46 years, and my career goes back way before computers. I love to do websites for deserving charities in our area of the country and have really enjoyed learning how to design on the computer (thanks Laughinbird Software for your excellent programs) and learning how to apply some of the fantastic software to the creation of websites for my small group of clients. Thanks to a host of younger designers and computer techies for being patient. I graduated from the U of GA back in '61 (BFA in graphic design) and have only begun using computers for design 20 years ago, when the only design-oriented computer was a little old Mac desktop with a black and white monitor that the company bought me. They thought I was nuts and that computers were just a passing fad. Times have changed! And, for the better, I might add. If you read this, thanks.
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    Wow -- you'll make a very nice addition to our small community. Welcome aboard and hope to see you on here more often.
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    So glad to have you join us here in the forum and are enjoying using LB software.

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