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    I'm 61 years old and I'm the managing director of a design firm... specialized in pigeon racing and breeding, angling and small domestic animals (I've always dreamed of producing catalogues on womans underware... but that remained a dream). Normally we work with Adobe CS2 and Quark on Mac Pro computers. Years ago I had a version of LogoCreator and used it mostly for webdesign. As some of my clients would like to change their company logo, with LC I can create a serie of samples very quickly. Therefore I bought the magepack. I think it is very good value for money.
    In my spare time I play the guitar and I sing in a rock and roll band, covering song of the 50ties and 60ties and I fish whenever I can.
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    Welcome to the forum :image28:
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    Wow!! I bet thats an interesting job :D.....Welcome
    BTW....Im a player too..always nice to have a gituarist on board

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