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    G'Day to All

    Is it just my perception or does it not annoy anybody else. My previous post (unanswered) :=


    Hi Marc

    I have downloaded and installed v3.5 and like the new look except for the graphic (of paint & brushes etc) that stays superimposed under the menus. I find it distracting in that it interferes with a good clean view of menu selection. I feel that I also preferred the old colour scheme. Maybe you could incorporate a skin selection.

    Keep up the good work


    OK now we all know that we are using a graphics program so why? do we need a graphic of a paint pallete obscuring our work area whilst concetrating on a subject.

    It's almost like a continuous splash screen "Well hullo" I have a look at this graphic and and again and again and again "guess what I am still here" and "this graphic is of no use except that I like it obscuring your tired eyes from doing a good job."

    I have endeavoured to constain myself as I would like to hear CONSTRUCTIVE criticsism ( like mine) not DESTRUCTIVE.

    The situation is I like you have too many impositions on life and feel that the GUI tends to upset my concentration whilst trying to be artistic and meet a deadline.

    Thanks for reading.

    It's a bit like road signs, "too many distract from the original idea"

    PS: Marc I still love you and your great prog.......
  2. Lats

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    Not me, actually I had to start TLC up and look for it.

    I guess a work-a-round would be to move the canvas left, aligning it to just below the menu text, to cover the offending graphic. :)
  3. SlartyUK


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    Logo Grahic

    Thats just SAD, its never bothered me either, like Lats i had to launch the program to remember what your talking about. Try turning you desktop resolution up from 640 X 480. LOL
  4. Mr Laughingbird

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    Hi there pherretaus.

    I'm sorry you find the logo (MY logo) distracting.
    I'm sure if you do, others do as well, they're just not saying anything :)

    I've thought about a skins option.
    I'll see if I can implement that. I don't think it would be too difficult.
    The skins option will allow you set your own color scheme and such.

    It's a good suggestion Pherretaus!
    I'm not sure I'd like the Adobe Photoshop logo to appear in my work space as I'm creating.

    - Marc
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    Logo Distraction

    Frankly I do not like the new look of 3.5. I prefer 3.0s interface but it is only I am very partial to blue. ;)

    In any event the I agree the logo is a bit distracting maybe in 4.0 we will se some changes to that or might a suggest skinnign the program so users can change the look or even design there own. Now there is a new forum topic. "Logo Creator Skins". Yeah baby

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