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    Some interesting effects can be made using a combo of paint shop and TLC
    the shape here comes from a font I found I used TLC to make it bigger than exported it as a transparent gif. I then opened it with paint shop and embossed it, turned it to colored foil, chiseled the center,and added a center light source and exported it as a transparent png. Then I imported it back to TLC colored it from the metallic pallet, added the shadow, and text then made set the background color and exported it as a hi res jpg. the original is included
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    if you have bought one of Hemera's Big Box of Art sets try using the built in PhotoFont Maker for a endless variety of effects on fonts and can add to the library all sorts of images, textures and backgrounds to use.... PhotoFont maker allows you to push the size of the image but keeps the image clear and no white box or jagged edges to deal with..:)...if choose to export image as popular will then be able to import image into TLC .

    This is done with "Basic Button" dingbat...

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