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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by Michael Dudley, Mar 6, 2014.

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    I have Logo Creator. I am looking for more design elements. I can not find any in the program that are of interest. Is there an upgrade or add-on that would have more elements?

    I am very disappointed in the selection of design elements. I also found that one can not really take the elements apart, and use one part of an element to add to somethings else.

    At the moment, if there is not an add-on with more elements...I won't be using the program. I looked the business card and the "people" add-on but that is not the direction wish to go.

    I have not risked the cost of purchasing a design element from, say Shutter=stock, and try and edit it on this program. I don't think I can take apart an element with this program, if it was necessary.

    So...anyone have any suggestions? I feel that I provably will have to write-off the cost of the program and look else where,

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    You should investigate public domain images of your desired images and import them onto a canvas. A simple google search will give you a fine array of images. You can also make files and add them to TLC's Logo Element file so they will appear in the elements drop down window.

    Look at font dingbats for FREE images.

    A public domain site for images both as photos or clipart . A specific search will bring up many more images To give you an idea ...take a look at

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