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    I have a logo that I'm creating that I would like to put a png image over one of the letters. I would like for it to just be a part of the letter and crop itself to fit. Is there a way to do this? I don't want the whole letter to be a picture. I know how to do that one. Just wanting a separate png to be on top of a specific letter. Thanks.
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    Well, you can import a graphic and place it over a text character. You cannot, as far as I know, have it 'become' part of the letter and size itself with the text. You would have to size the graphic in TLC and place it where you want it to cover the text. But that should be pretty easy.

    You could just put the 1 letter in TLC, overlay the image, crop and save as an image. Then import that image back into your logo and overlay it over the original letter. Hmmm ...
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    Actually the way to accomplish what you want is using a "masking" technique. START by Typing the letter you want, then place a white shape (or one colored the same as your finished background color)where you want the image. Put image on top of the shape. Now export it as a png....NOT a transparent png. That way your image will appear on the letter. Now import the exported image and do what else you want done.You ,then can export as a transparent png when you finish.
    The reason not to make the first export a transparent png is that the shape would be removed and it would just be on top rather than a part of the letters design.

    This is the how to "mask",however, using the Shape font is no longer possible because it isn't in the embedded fonts in the V6.8.* version. Let me know if you need any further help.
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