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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by LogoManiac, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Something I found that kind of limits the usefullness of the feature where you can insert an image into text....
    If the image is smaller than the text it is being inserted into, it can severely limit the ability to position said image within the text. The image uses an initial X/Y position that is upper left in the text. If you position the image further up or further left, it will cut off the text based on where the bottom edge or right edge of the image is.
    I also tried scaling down the text size, positioning the image, and then scaling up from there but the problem still persists this way as well because the image does not scale up with the text. :(

    Marc... a possible solution to this would be to allow the scaling of the image within the text. You also might consider placing the image insert at the center of target text rather than upper left to allow for more optimal placement via hor./vert. scrollers.
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    Great suggestion, I have had the same problem. I always have to scale the image separately before inserting it in the text. Trial and error at best. How about an update like that Marc?
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    As a rule of thumb I use the default canvas size for using for inserting image into text .

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