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    Hi Gang, I'm Allen.

    I live in South Central Pennsylvania just north of the Maryland border. I live on an Historic farm that dates back almost 200 years. I love the colonial era and the history in this part of the country. Born a Yankee, but I love southern sweet tea and Maryland seafood.

    I own & operate Castle Computer Services, providing IT Support to, primarily, small businesses. Yeah! I am an entrepreneurial enthusiast. I love to help companies develop or improve their image, branding, and customer service.

    Years ago I would doodle logos and quickly enjoyed it, but it wasn't until I found TLC that I fell in love with logo design (thanks Marc).

    Now I absolutely love & enjoy logo design and am grateful to this forum for pushing me outside of the box to think and create.

    My advice for newbie designers? Practice, practice, practice. And... if you hit a 'creative block' - step away from it for a few hours or days and then come back to the 'drawing board'.

    Enjoy the SBDN & TLC and I can't wait to see your designs.

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