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Discussion in 'Meet the Mods' started by a¿ex, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. a¿ex

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    Hi my name is Alex da Franca.
    I am a freelance programmer and I am working since 1997 mostly with an application named Director to create interactive multimedia content for online and offline delivery.

    I've been doing interactive realtime 3-D application for the last couple of years (since 2001).

    I've programmed the realtime 3-D part of the eCover Creator, after Marc asked me to lend him a helping hand with the 3-D modul, he had started to code.

    It was fun to do and it is a great pleasure to work for Marc.

    Currently I live in Vienna for a prolongated onsite job, but normally I am in Northern Germany, between Hamburg and Berlin.

    My family is from Portugal and I was born in Lisbon some decades ago... ;-)

    Oh and yes, not only in sunny southern California life is good!
  2. Topcatz Banned

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    Alex, I appreciated your brief bio.
    I hope the other admins and mods follow suite. It's nice to have a mental image of the prime "players"
    El Gato
  3. theoldwiz

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    Hi Alex :image07-1:

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