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    Hi Marc

    Just a few ideas I have from my short use of Beta 3, which is now great to have available on OSX Lion.

    1. There is no hide button in the menu which means you cannot use keyboard shortcut Command H
    2. Unable to do an eliptical text curve as it only seems to do circular. eg: unable to match banner that is 12th from left or any other eliptical
    3. Should be able to use arrow keys to get that last final placement adjustment
    4. Unable to link features together so as to move at same time once placed
    5. Add a couple of extra features to image format other then just scale & angle, such as stretching in different ways by putting an anchor point(s) then dragging
    6. Being able to put images/textures within your text, alphabet shapes and logos and once done being able to adjust these images to the correct size required within the text/shape
    7. When checking PhotoXpress I noticed in their FAQ that you cannot use any images in a logo, I don't know whether this is using the image as is without changes and using the image with changes made, or if you make changes to the original file they are useable.* This could be a problem if people are using these and everyone should be notified of this clause, a copy is pasted below-

    May I use a file as a logo for my company?

    No, this is not allowed due to intellectual property issues.

    Hope things all makes sense.

  2. Woodynb


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    Is there any version that works with OS X Lion yet?? I am a Mac user only.:image09:
  3. Mr Laughingbird

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    Hang in there Woody!
    I'm about to announce the date of the new version. I'll be posting here in the forum, and also sending out an eMail.

    I'm shooting for April 15th.


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