I have a windows xp 32 bit I cannot see templates.

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by dianne, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Hi, Everyone tonight. I cannot see the templates on my software. I have tried to do what some of the threads have suggested. I do not know if I am doing the changes right.
    Can anyone help me? I have contacted the developer Marc Sylvester, but no response yet. I really want this to work. This is what I have done so far.
    1. I downloaded the file TLCv6_Win7 file.
    2.Run it
    3. Opened it.
    I did all of that and I still cannot see the logo templates. Then I clicked on the "START" menu and clicked "Explore" to look inside my files. Then I went to my"Start" menu and clicked on "Start", then I right clicked on "My Computer" and selected "Properties" The screen says "System Properties". Then I clicked on the "Advanced."

    Then I selected "Environment Variables". I see the Values and Variables so I tried to copy the path from my "LaughingBird Software " documents, and placed the new variables in these path. I only saw and example from online. I am not super computer literate. Pleaaaase help me someone.

    I am waiting for Marc Sylvester to email me back. I am trying to hang in there. I do not want to ask for a refund just yet. The advertisement for this software was really great! I just need for this software to work without complications.
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    Try this:

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