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I can't download Webgraphics

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by mxbandido, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. mxbandido


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    Greetings to everyone.


    I sent you 2 e-mails already since December but still waiting your response, that's why I'm directing my issues to you in this forum.

    I purchased Webgraphics Creator back in December 27th., been a user for years of the Logo Creator and Flash ad creator I'm really happy with your products. but my dissapointment began since the download of the software, when I downloaded the file, only downloaded 5 Mb out of 160 Mb which is the Zip file, I downloaded again the next day with the same results and same amount of Mb's, making impossible to open it because not completed.

    Just to make sure it was not my PC, I downloaded other programs in Zip from other sites and did it without problems at all, even same size than the Webgraphics.

    I need your help badly, because I'm behind in some projects that I have in mind for my website and is causing me frustation.

    if you need more info. from me on regards purchase order # or code key please feel free to e-mail me at mxbandido@aol.com or let me know if you want me to put that info. here and I have no problems to do it.

    Thank you, I'll wait for your answer to resolve this issue.

    Armando Chapa
    Houston, Texas
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    Mr Laughingbird Staff Member

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    Hi mxbandido.

    No worries.

    I use DigitalRiver (http://www.digitalriver.com) for my eCommerce and download system. They handle the likes of Adobe, Microsoft and a good 30,000 others. Including The Logo Creator :)

    They're pretty good at allowing you to view your account info (unlock codes as well). You can re-download your software up to 100 times (more if you ask!). Just hop over to:
    http://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/tech_support.php and click the appropriate link.

    Let me know if you still need help!

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