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    Well where do I start. :D

    My name is Chris and I live in Kentucky now. I have roamed the earth for many years. Grew up in a military family and then joined the Marines after high school.

    I am currently a manager at a big box retail store. I own my own graphic design business. I design websites. logos, banners or anything dealing with graphics. I have been involved with graphics/art since around 1990. I am into coding. I work with PHP and MySQL just to name a few. I am into SEO for websites. So I am basically an all around kinda guy when it comes to the internet, graphics and coding. I love to learn and to help when I can.

    I try to help out around here when I can, so if I can ever be of help to anyone please let me know.

    It is always nice to meet everyone.
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    Nice to meet you

    Thanx for the bio Chris.
    El Gato

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