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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by john168, May 7, 2008.

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    Some time ago I purchased the Web Graphics Creator and have been very happy with it. Thanks Marc (I don't know you but I've read some of your posts in these forums) you did a great job with the WGC.

    I came back to LaughingBird Software for the Flash Ad Creator and have been somewhat disappointed. I'm using v.2.5 and the templates are so similar that there only seems to be about 30 or 40 different templates available.

    The websites that I'm trying to get to put up my banner ads always come back with the one (or both) of the following problems...

    1. They say that is "flashes" too much and that my ads are "too distracting" to be posted on their site. I haven't yet found a template that doesn't "flash".
    2. The smallest file size I can get out of the Flash Ad Creator is about 75k and many websites won't allow anything over 60k. Others won't allow anything above 30k. I have created other free flash banners that usually end up being 10k-20k or so...but I bought this program to not have to leave their "get your free banners here" thing in my ad.

    The file sizes are too big for many webmasters to put in on their forum/blog/website that gets millions of hits a month. I guess that would be a significant chunk of bandwidth for someone like that, huh?

    I did read this post...

    about file sizes which has gone unanswered for about 2 years.

    Is there a way to fix either of these problems or (hopefully) both?

    - John
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    Well, like the post that went unanswered for 2 years, mine looks like it is continuing down the same path.

    At the time of this writing, there have been 63 views of the original post and no response.

    I guess I just got ripped off $40 for a flash ad creator that produces files that can't comply with basic advertising regulations from major websites. This problem should be listed before someone buys the software.

    "LaughingBird" has posted responses to topics before and after this posting and I can only assume that he has read this topic and chosen not to respond at all.

    Yet another reason why I feel ripped off.

    While I still very much like the Web Graphics Creator, I am severely disappointed in the Flash Ad Creator and the lack of a genuine response.

    I will not be back for more LaughingBird Software.

    - John

    P.S. I purchased another program for $10 less than the Flash Ad Creator that works great, has endless design capabilities, no "flashing" templates (though you could make it "flash" if you wanted to), produces any size you want, and exports with MUCH smaller file sizes.
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    Hi John,

    Sorry you've waited for an answer so long, I must have either missed it or meant to come back to it.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'flash too much'. I'm assuming that it means that it contains flash animated ads comprared to non-flash non-animated ads.

    When you start the flash ad creator, you are given a choice to create the animated flash and the non-animated non-flash ads which would be saved as a graphic file.

    When you export the non-animated, you can change the resolution, like to 72 dpi which would be normal for use on a website and that should also produce a smaller file.

    You may want to experiment with the output file type also. Export it in .gif, .png, and .jpg to see which one will have a smaller size. For further reduction in size, you may want to load it in a graphic program that further optimizes the image.

    Animated flash ads are going to have more overhead as they contain a lot mroe graphics. You may be able to optimize them, but, for the most part, they are going to be larger than the non-animated ads.

    As far as the suitability for a particular purpose, it would be nearly impossible to be able to list every possible situation. Since you only stated 'major websites' we can't look into the problem and provide any advice.

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