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Discussion in 'New TLC6 Beta Feedback!' started by Bisbro3, Mar 17, 2012.

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    After spending quite a lot of time using the Beta version I have yet to find a problem. As a recent downloader I must commend those who have come before me. I am enjoying the feeling of the software. By that I mean the size, color and ease of use makes the software a pleasure to use. I've learned to never underestimate the way a software feels while using it and that feeling in part can make or break it's success. I'm sorry I have not found any other issues or parts that don't seem to work but as with other software I've tested this one seems to have a specialness to it that supersedes it's previous incarnation. I've very excited about this version and hope its release will be very soon.*

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    Hey Ron!
    Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate your comments.

    "Finding nothing much to report on" is music to our ears** :)
    Hang in there... we're working towards the first week of April (2012) for the official launch!

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