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Discussion in 'Getting your logo "vectorized"' started by Mr Laughingbird, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Convert your logo to Vector!
    Already have a logo, and need it converted to a "vector" format?

    I have a few awesome solutions for you!
    Check out this page for options....

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    A very good Idea that has been suggested in the past....

    This is just a guess: I'm sure it could be done, but due to development and programming issues I would think that the price of The Logo Creator would greatly increase. Myself, for example, am just an average goof-- I will never use vector graphics to make a billboard for example. Now if you are a business owner, who wants to use big images (a 3 x 4 foot poster for example) then having a "vectorize" option would be a viable option.

    As with any imaging program, you can't have a "do it all" program, and keep the cost down. You want PSD formatted images? Licensing and development will drive the final product cost up. You want your vectorized graphic Made in the Logo Creator to support Cubic Hemite splines? Again, that's gonna cost ya--- after a while if Marc was to implement all the good ideas that little $39 program has quickly inflated in cost into the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

    If Marc wants to use a certain technology (like scalable vector graphics- or SVG) I couldn't imagine it would be a simple thing he could download from the manufacture, and just "plug in" into the software he uses to make the Laughingbird Software family of products. He would have to pay a licensing fee, and then adapt the imaging format into the Logo Creator Interface, reprogram The Logo Creator Software, it can go on and on.....

    Most features are not free. If many people keep asking for a feature (Like a color picker "eyedropper" tool) that feature will be included in future releases. Software developers have to pay for features-- being able to create EPS files for example requires a licensing fee.

    In particular, related to vector graphics: Some scary smart people who understand the following simply want to be compensated for their efforts, as they should.


    For now, The simplest way to vectorize your images are to use the link provided above--- You may have to pay some $$, but trust me- it's worth it....

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